Monday, September 26, 2011

Stasiu Tells a Story

On the way home from school today, Stasiu decided to tell me a story he had heard last week in school. He told me this story last week but apparently forgot. The conversation went like this:

Stasiu: Mom, do you know about Irvan?
Me: You mean Ivan?
Stasiu: Right, Ivan. Well, he plunked out..
Me: He plucked out someone's eyes.
Stasiu: Right. There was this architect who made a beautiful building and Irvan..
Me: Ivan.
Stasiu: Right. Ivan thought it was so beautiful that he plunk, er took out the architects eyes. He didn't want him to look at it.
Me: Ivan the Terrible didn't want the architect to build another building like it again. Ivan wanted it for himself.
Stasiu: Right. So he took the architects eyes. And you know what, Mommy? He was still alive when he did it!! Have you heard this story before, Mommy?
Me: Yes, honey.
Stasiu: Really, when?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer Picture Day

This weekend was picture day for the YMCA soccer teams. We are so lucky to have the same coach for both boys--he is the best coach we've had at the Y!

What, Mom?

Bohdan was being just a wee bit fussy; hard to imagine I know. So, Coach grabbed him from me, spun him around a few times and had him giggling for pictures in no time.

The entire 4/5 soccer team; The Red Rangers.

Silly picture time!

Bohdan was goalie for the second quarter.

He did a pretty good job of throwing the ball back into play.

Otherwise, he was clueless about his duties.

He's swinging while waiting for the next quarter to start.

Stasiu's team the Scorpions!

They were a bit more enthusiastic about the silly picture.