Tuesday, October 4, 2011


After some conversations with my sister-in-law and Chris, we have decided to give Stasiu an allowance for work that he is doing around the house. For those of you who don't know, our house is on the market. This means that I do a lot of cleaning. Tons of cleaning. I'm sick of cleaning! You can see my house here.

The first week he had chores he did great! He has to keep his room clean, wipe down his bathroom a couple times a week, vacuum a couple times a week, feed the dogs, set the table and clean up after the dogs. Money has been a great motivator for him. He gets two dollars; one to spend and one to save. We will be in big trouble once he actually starts to understand the value of money. I'm sure he'll start asking for raises.

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's a Cold Day for Soccer

Saturday was another soccer day for the boys. This time, however, it was decidedly colder. The temps for the day were in the lower to mid 60s. That is significantly better than last week which had temps in the mid 80s.

Bohdan was having on off day. We finally got him to go with his teammates when he wasn't playing. He made due. That is Angie, the coach's wife holding him. He was fine juuuuust like that.

This time, he was a defender. Last week, he was upset because he was a goalie and just stood there. This time, he was a defender and just stood there. We are trying to teach him the importance of moving and going after the ball. Wish us luck.

This is Nana at the afternoon game where the temps are in the mid 60s. She's got about 12 layers under there. She's definitely a Floridian.

Stas doing the victory dance! His team scored! It wasn't him, he likes to celebrate, though.

Our opponents were friends. This is Eduardo and he goes to AJ with Stasiu. Eduardo's dad is a their coach. Let me tell you, their team is awesome! This is the best team we have gone up against and it was a fantastic game!