Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pink Playhouses and Worms

Last summer, we bought the boys a playhouse at a garage sale. Yes, it's pink and blue and kitchen-y, but the boys love it. They quickly dirtied it up, squished down the roof climbing on it and figured out how to rig a slide to get off.

We put it in the backyard thinking that we would drag it from spot to spot so it wouldn't kill the grass. Riiiight. Where do you think the boys got the mud from? The floor of the unmoved playhouse.

Since we are selling our house and paying to have the lawn treated, we moved it to a spot we are going to mulch over anyway.

It's right near the birdfeeders. You can see Bohdan is happy with it's new home.

When we moved it we found this in the sink.
Yup, they have a worm colony in the sink.


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