Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to My Garden

Last year for Mother's Day, Chris bought me two knockout roses. The nice thing about them is you can basically ignore them. They don't need dead-heading, fungicide or pesticide. They also produce tons of flowers throughout the spring and summer and into fall.

This weekend, I spied my first rose bloom. There are also a lot of buds. I'll post pictures when it is in full bloom. It also has aphids; so much for not needing pesticides.

Right out my back door is my jessamine. For those of you who don't know it is the state flower of South Carolina. It is a greedy, fast growing vine. It will take over anything if you turn your back on it. The blooms, however, have the most heavenly sweet smell.

Last year, Chris had enough and tore most of it down. I was very upset until he found wisteria. The jessamine had taken over the wisteria and it barely grew. Now we have a huge vine of it next to the jessamine going over the porch.

It's amazing that it was stunted by the jessamine vine. I'm so glad Chris uncovered it.

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