Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Yesterday, we lost our beloved Puck. He was 12 years old and passed peacefully at home with us.

When we first got him, It was just Chris and me; we hadn't had the boys yet or even gotten married. For a long time, it was just the three of us.

When we brought Stasiu home from the hospital, priorities shifted, for us and Puck. He had a new job; protector and best friend. He wouldn't leave Stasiu's side, even following me around while I walked him, put him to bed and played. Puck would lay in the floor and just let Stasiu pull on his ears, jowels and whatever he could reach. 
Even as he got older, he was gentle with the boys. He
crawled into this crate to get a nap. The boys crawled in right after him and he just snuggled in.

We were really lucky to have such a wonderful pet for as long as we did. Toward the end, he moved less, slept a lot but was still happy to see us and get snuggles and scratches.

Stasiu, my 8 year old, showed what a remarkable young man he is. I found Puck in the living room. I called Chris in to the room. We all cried and hugged and kissed Puck. The hard part was Chris had to take him to our Veterinarian now. I had notified him and he was expecting us, but it didn't make it easier. Stasiu then decided he would go with his Dad to the vet so he could be there for his Dad and for Puck. He wrote Puck a note telling him he loved him and it was put with him.

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